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Banyan Lake Covenants and Restrictions -  These are the documents that dictate our abilities and restrictions as a community. A complete set of HOA documents may be purchased via the following link

Purchase/Leasing Application and Disclosures - Please print and complete these forms if you are applying to purchase or rent a unit at our Property. Everyone 18 years of age or older (whether or not they are on the lease or contract) MUST complete an application and get prior approval from the HOA.
Maintenance Payments - If you would like to have your payments directly debited from your account, please download this form and submit to BB&T with a voided check. Enrollment, cancelation, or changes, must be submitted by the 20th of the month to be effective for the following month.

If your account is already set up for ACH debit and you need to make changes or cancel this option, please download the appropriate form and forward to BB&T.

BB&T's Online Payment Service provides homeowners the convenience of making their maintenance payments online using a debit/credit card. Please note that BB&T does charge a fee for this service.
Make your Association Payment at any BB&T Financial Center with BB&T Association Services coupons. Need help finding us? Locate the nearest BB&T financial center.
2017-2018 HOA Master Insurance Certificate -  If you need the insurance information for prior years, please contact the office. 
NOTE: As of 2011, the flood insurance policy was increased to cover the full replacement cost value of the building. If your lender required you to purchase additional building coverage, this will cover the additional insurance and you may remove the building coverage from your policy. Please speak to your personal agent prior to cancelling or reducing coverage.
NEW MITIGATION FORMS WERE COMPLETED IN SEPTEMBER OF 2014. To possibly lower your personal homeowners policy contact the HOA for a copy of the mitigation form to send to your agent. 
Elevation Certificates are also available upon request.
Architectural Review Form - If you wish to install a screen enclosure, brick pavers or change the exterior of the unit,  you must first have prior written approval from the HOA. Please print and complete this form.
Pool/Fitness Center Keys - Residents must complete the attached form prior to obtaining a key for the amenities. Tenants must obtain ALL keys from their landlord.
Clubhouse Reservation Form - Please download and complete the applicable forms before requesting any of the following
Mailbox Keys - If you need to have your mailbox lock changed, complete the attached form and submit to the HOA.
Parking Decals - To obtain a parking decal for your vehicle, please complete the attached form and submit to the office with the required documentation.
Security Deposit Refund - If you are moving out and need to request a refund of your deposit, please complete this form.
Pet Registration Form - If you are getting a pet, please complete the this form and submit to the HOA. Please note that the HOA does not allow aggressive breeds to be harbored on the property. This includes, but is not limited to: Pit bulls, Dobermans, Chow-Chow, Presa Canerio, Rottweiler, and any other dog that has a history of being aggressive. 
Incident/Complaint Form - If there is an incident that needs to be reported to the HOA, please complete this form and submit to the onsite office. The information on this form is for office use only and is not disclosed to the unit/person that may be involved in the incident.


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